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occasion ulm ULM X AIR F 602 T
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occasion ulm 1/3 part copro Pipistrel Sinus 912
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MTO DU CIEL à vend...
occasion ulm QUIK R 912S
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QUIK R 912S...
occasion ulm MISTRAL A VENDRE
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occasion ulm MISTRAL AVIASUD
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occasion ulm Rotax 912 Uls 100Hp
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Rotax 912 Uls 100Hp...
occasion ulm Vends pulsar 3
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Vends pulsar 3...
occasion ulm ulm skyranger
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ulm skyranger ...
occasion ulm Zenair STOL CH701
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Zenair STOL CH701...
occasion ulm Rans Coyote S-6ES  582
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Rans Coyote S-6ES 582...
occasion ulm Altimètre 3000m
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Altimètre 3000m...
occasion ulm Pioneer 300
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Pioneer 300...
occasion ulm vente flylab
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vente flylab...
occasion ulm super bingo stol icp
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super bingo stol icp...
occasion ulm jabiru
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occasion ulm Vends autogire Apollo AG1
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Vends autogire Apollo AG1...
occasion ulm RANS S9
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RANS S9...
occasion ulm Vds Allegro SW 582
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Vds Allegro SW 582...
occasion ulm ZENAIR 601XL ROTAX 100
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occasion ulm Vente ULM Pioneer-300
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Vente ULM Pioneer-300...
occasion ulm Pipistrel SINUS 503
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Pipistrel SINUS 503...

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Sujet : "Rotax 912 Uls 100 Hp 250h" posté par aaronortiz Date : 03-10-2016

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 Auteur Message
aaronortiz aaronortiz
03-10-2016 @ 22:06:05 03-10-2016 @ 22:06:05
IP : 46.165.246.*** 46.165.246.***

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sujet posté / Subject post [ Supprimer l'annonce - Ref. : 4631 ] Rotax 912 Uls 100 Hp 250h Citer ce message dans votre réponse  / Include this message into your reply 

For sale is my Rotax 912 ULS 100HP with complete logs, The engine was purchased new in 2014 and fogging oil was used to protect and preserve the engine every winter when it wasnt flying and for any period of inactivity as you can see from photos the engine is in a very good physical condition and it only has 250 hours total time since brand new, i am selling it with Bolt-on Accessories, including Radiator, Oil Cooler, Starter and Alternator the price is 5000 Euro

This engine can be used on many different applications

Email: drsilvestresilva@gmail.com
Tel : +33644689557
14-01-2018 @ 00:04:12 14-01-2018 @ 00:04:12
IP : 88.9.218.*** 88.9.218.***

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Réponse / Reply [ Supprimer l'annonce - Ref. : 4709 ] RE : Rotax 912 Uls 100 Hp 250h Citer ce message dans votre réponse  / Include this message into your reply 

I want to buy your Rotax engine from you. Contact me at jj@solyagua2m.com or call me. CAN PAID 3500€ MAX

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